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8 Clever Playroom Tidying Tips

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Playroom Tidying Tips

We all know a playroom to go from clean to chaos in a matter of seconds. Children have a great way of being able to spew their toys across the floor in an avalanche manner. And then, just when you think you’ve tidied the area up, the cyclone comes through again. But, nonetheless, we love our children and their toys, and we’ve created a list of playroom tidying tips to ease your chores. 


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You can never have too much storage (until you do). Whenever possible, buy pieces with built-in storage, such as ottomans, stools, and even beds. Skip the small kid shelves and rather buy larger adult-size furniture. This will give you more vertical space and your kids can grow into them. Purchase the type of shelving that you can adapt by making widening the gaps between each shelf as you need to. Toys that are played with most often should be placed on lower shelves for the kids to be able to reach. To make the room look neater, try choosing matching storage containers. Use available wall space by installing hanging shelves and hooks – you will be amazed at how much space this saves you.

Keeping it clean

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The most important part of tidying your child’s playroom is cleaning the room to ensure minimal dust and germs are being spread around. Any toys that have dirt, grime or are sticky will need to be washed with soap and water and the rest of the toys should be wiped down with a damp cloth. Dust all surfaces, furniture and lampshades. Wipe down surfaces, windows & floors or vacuum if your playroom is carpeted. 

More Playroom Tidying Tips:

  1. Avoid chalkboard labels for your storage containers because the beautifully written labels will be rubbed off in seconds. Try typing the label on plain paper, and cello tape it on or using sticky labels with permanent markers.
  2. Avoid using big toy boxes! WHY? Think about how messy a toy box gets. It is so easy to just throw everything in. The box never gets organised and the toys never get played with!
  3. Use containers for little items like Lego, but make sure the containers have lids that are easy for little fingers to open.
  4. Categorise toys & organise toys. 
  5. Use bins to encourage kids to tidy up after play.
  6. Try not to store toys on the floor (unless it is a large toy).
  7. Donate toys that are not being played with! Not only will you be making the play area tidy, but you are also doing a very good dead. 
  8. Throw away toys that are broken.
Playroom Tidying Tips

When things are kept organised, it makes tidying and cleaning so much easier. It shortens the time needed for chores, increases efficiency and allows you more time to play with your loved ones. Don’t forget to include your children in the cleaning process so they can learn how to take care of their own items as well as learn valuable cleaning skills to last their entire lives. We hope you loved our playroom tidying tips.

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