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Lunchbox Ideas: Fun & Yum!

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Ingredients & utensils needed for lunchbox ideas:

As we all know, most kids are fussy eaters! Children can be naturally more sensitive to taste, smell and texture than adults. Some children also can develop picky eating habits from their parents’ fussy eating habits. Getting your children to eat healthy, nourishing foods can become a real challenge for many parents. Designing the food you prepare for your kids in a way that is FUN for them to eat, is a great way to encourage healthier eating habits. Use their favourite toys to give you ideas for creating exciting lunchboxes. We’ve created a list of fun lunchbox ideas to keep your kiddies nourished. 

kitchen utensils

There are a number of items needed for the fun lunchbox ideas:

  • Different shaped cookie cutters, and mini jelly moulds – the bigger the better.
  • Lunchboxes with different compartments.
  • Healthy whole-wheat/seeded bread (or brown if they refuse the whole wheat)
  • Different fruits and vegetables including cherry tomatoes, cucumber, carrots, lettuce, grapes, apples, bananas, strawberries, blueberries and melons.
  • Other healthy ingredients like whole-wheat wraps, ham, cheese and sausages.

Fun Lunchbox Ideas

Rice Animals

lunchbox ideas rice balls
Image by Momo Obentou (

Using the rice from the night before, use your new jelly moulds to shape little animal heads. Decorate the rice heads using everything from grapes to corn and carrots, to create eyes, noses, beaks, etc. Cut out shapes from the carrots and add them into the lunch box for extra enticement. Don’t forget to pack a small plastic spoon to eat with!

Pirate Sandwiches

pirate sandwich
Image by Bento-logy (

Do you have a pirate fan? Make a peanut butter sandwich and then cut out a large round shape with your cookie cutter. Cut out a large slice of cheese for the pirate’s bandana and use grapes, cucumbers etc. to make eyes, a nose, mouth & the infamous eye patch! 

Ladybug Sandwiches

lunchbox ideas lady bug sandwich
Image by Eats Amazing (

Another fun sandwich you can make for little girls is a ladybug sandwich. Using the same concept as the pirate, cut your sandwich shape and use cheese to make the ladybug’s wings. If you don’t want to use sweets or icing for the eyes, then substitute it for cut up fruit like blueberries or tomatoes.

Angry Birds Sandwich

angry bird sandwiches
Image by For the Love of Sandwich (

Now what child can resist these sweet little Angry Birds? Stack two slices of cut bread as a base, then put your toppings of choice on top. When your little one comes to lunchtime, they simply take the bottom slice of bread and put it on the top to make a yummy filled sandwich.

The toppings can be made from cut out cheese, cucumber, and icing eyes.

Lunch Worms

lunchbox ideas worms
Image by What Moms Love (

Another great & easy lunch ideas are these super adorable lunch worms! Use kebab sticks and food items of your choice. Stack your snacks onto the sticks and add strawberries and chocolate eyes to finish your worms! 

We hope that these ideas have you feeling creative! Surprise your little one tomorrow at school with one of these gorgeous lunchbox ideas, and see if their lunchbox comes back home empty. Enjoy!

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