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Wooden Toys for All

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boy holding wooden blocks

Wooden toys are no new trend. From wooden cars and planes to puzzles and educational games. Wooden toys have been growing in popularity again in recent years. We have taken a look at the history of wooden toys and compiled a list of our favourite wooden toys here at The Toy Factory shop.

A History of Wooden Toys

During the Greek and Roman empires, wooden toys first appeared and they grew in popularity in the 1700s in Europe. Toys were primarily made from wood or metal up until the late 19th century. With the rise in the popularity of plastics over the last 50 years, today plastic toys account for 90% of the toy market. In recent years, wooden toys have been growing in popularity again. Wooden toys are durable, long-lasting and great for the environment. We have a great range of wooden toys at The Toy Factory Shop.

Something for the boys

wooden planes and cars

Our Wooden Cars and Planes are hand-made by a local, retired carpenter. These wooden cars, bakkies and planes are the perfect size for little chubby hands to hold. Great quality with a beautiful finish, they are perfect for ages 3 and up. Boys love to play with the Mini Wooden Block Game, stacking the blocks on top of each other. Great for ages 5 and up.

Something for the girls

My Little Pony Puzzle

For your little doll’s houses, we have a lovely range of Wooden Dolls House Furniture. Choose between an adorable bedroom, bathroom, lounge or kitchen set. All furniture is made with quality wood. Another great girl’s toy is the My Little Pony 5pk Wood Puzzles – 5 puzzles in one. Great value!

Educational Wooden Toys

Rock Me Archimedes Wooden Game

At The Toy Factory Shop, we have several educational wooden toys including a cute Wooden House Number Shape Sorter for ages 3 and up. This toy encourages hand-eye coordination and helps to develop the brain, fine motor skills and gross motor skills. 

For slightly older kids (8 and up) we have the solid wooden Rock Me Archimedes Wooden Educational Game. Archimedes was a Greek mathematician, scientist, and all-around uber genius, who discovered the laws of the lever. This game is all about balance, and to win you need to be the first player to oh-so-carefully get four marbles in your end-zone without causing the rocket board to touch the table. So much excitement!

The Marbles Stomple Wooden Educational Game is great for ages 8 and up. Roll ’em out: Pour the marbles randomly onto the game board. Stomp ’em through: Push marbles through the board and out of play. Trap ’em to win: The last stomper standing wins! Fun and great for a group game!

Stocking Fillers

Wooden Tangram Puzzles

For some wooden stocking fillers, have a look at our fun Pick Up Sticks, great for the whole family to play! It comes in a lovely wooden box and comes with rules, in case you have forgotten how to play. Our quality wooden Skipping Ropes come in assorted colours. Other great stocking filler ideas are our sweet little Wooden Puzzles which come in an assortment of designs or Wooden Tangram Puzzles which are great simple puzzles to help mental ability, memory and motor skills – appropriate for ages 3 and up!

Whether you are looking for a wooden toy for young or old, boy or girl, educational or purely entertainment – The Toy Factory Shop certainly has something for you! Take a look at our wide range of toys on our website.

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