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We love babies and baby gifts! Adorable and cuddly, babies do bring light and joy with them. The first year of a baby’s life is so important. Babies need to be stimulated in those first few months as this influences how they learn, behave and read when they reach school ages. During this first year, a baby’s brain develops drastically. It creates billions of cells and creates hundreds of trillions of new connections between these cells. This results in whether or not they have improved confidence, communication and socialisation skills. Movement, fun and loving activities stimulate emotional, physical and intellectual growth. Solid foundations can then be provided for future learning, happiness and health. Baby toys are great for stimulation as they engage them and help them to focus on contrasts, sounds and movement. There are so many beautiful baby gifts out there and we’ve compiled a list of our own! 

Baby Gifts

A beautiful baby gift is this Disney Baby Clementoni Minnie Soft Activity Ball. For ages 3 and up. It is a fun, soft and colour ball which sounds are activated by movement. The ball stimulates motor and tactile skills. Some more practical baby gifts include these Disney Baby Mickey or Minnie Mouse Changing Mats, Mickey or Minnie Microwave Safe Sets, Mickey or Minnie Wide-Neck Bottles or Mickey or Minnie Sleeved Waterproof Bibs. These beautiful First Dreams Baby Bear Musical Projectors are also gift winners. With spectacular light effects and relaxing melodies, they are perfect to cuddle and interact with.

baby gifts

Gifts for 6 months+

A great toy for baby stimulation is this Baby Senses Musical Fruits toy. Colourful with a range of shapes and surfaces that help develop different manual skills. It has a practical suction cup to place firmly on a flat surface and is suitable from 6 months old. Make bathtime fun and interactive for your cherub with our Baby Bath Net Set. It includes a sweet baby bath net and sea animals. Planning on a beautiful day out on the beach? Be sure to grab one of our Beach Sand & Water sets. Includes a beach bucket, water wheel, sand sieve, fish sand mould, gingerbread man mould and a big sand scoop. Great value and quality products!

6 months+ gifts

Toddler Gifts

Our Baby Love Baby Thando dolls are gorgeous. She speaks 25 phrases in both English and IsiZulu and includes a plate, fork, spoon, bottle and dummy. Perfect for a little girl. The Baby Thando dolls go perfectly with our Baby Love Baby Buggy Strollers. Stimulating imagination and learning, these dolls and strollers develop memory and coordination skills. A wonderful gift for any newly walking toddler. We also love these Big Building Blocks which come in a 2L Multibox with a Lid. Similar to DUPLO, the blocks come in a variety of sizes and colours which are great for hand-eye coordination and for developing motor skills and memory. Another toddler favourite is this cute Kitchen Unit in a Carry Case. A complete kitchen with a sink, stove and prep area. It has 25 pieces including food, cooking utensils, cutlery and crockery. A lovely gift for a budding little chef. 

toddler gifts

We hope you loved our article about beautiful baby gifts. For more baby gift ideas click here. Wishing you and your baby happy and safe memories. 

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