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Marvellous New Toys

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Happy February to all our wonderful readers. After a festive holiday period celebrating Christmas and New Year, and a then super long January (am I right?) – we’ve decided to kick this month off by celebrating some exciting new things here at The Toy Factory Shop. We’ve just unpacked and uploaded many stunning new toys to our website which are not only available for purchase online, but in-store too! Bright, beautiful and beneficial in so many ways for your little ones – we hope you love all our new toys as much as we do.

Textured New Toys

With February being the hottest month in the southern hemisphere, these adorable Sand Moulds are perfect for a summer beach or garden day. We love Play Dough. Not only countless hours of fun but Play Dough is highly beneficial in many ways. It helps to develop fine motor skills, is calming for children and encourages creativity. Our sets come with 4 tubs of dough, a play mat, 8 dough shape cutters, a roller, push-out and 2 dough knives. Textured fun for everyone.

marvellous new toys

Colourful Creations 

These Big Building Blocks are brilliant for hand-eye coordination as well as for developing motor skills and memory. They are great for travelling as the Blocks come in a Multibox. The blocks come in a mix of sizes and colours. Another great toy for motor control, hand-eye coordination and creativity are our Crazy Cosmos which also have a nifty Multibox for storage and travel. Your child can create endless shapes and objects – how awesome! Learn to lace easily with our Geometric Buttons & Laces. Fun and educational!

marvellous new toys

Patterned Plays

Pegboards are used by repeating certain patterns or pictures from Pegboard Cards. Also great for basic math functions and free creativity. These Pegboards are great for teaching patience and perseverance and they also help with hand-eye coordination, concentration, memory and so much more! Another great game with the same benefits are these awesome Fun Finger Games. Repeat the patterns on the card or make your own. Guaranteed hours of fun and creativity!

marvellous new toys

Learning for Littles

Get your little one threading and sorting with this great quality Play n Sort Bucket. Brilliant for concentration, hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. It comes with the basket, a shape sorter lid, 14 plastic shapes and lace to thread the shapes. Our Touch and Count Cubes are a great tool for providing a ‘hands-on’ approach to learning how to structure thoughts and develop logic. The cubes can be joined together, pulled apart, threaded, sorted and grouped according to colour and quantity. They teach about length, height and one-to-one correspondence, and can be applied to do basic math equations like addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. 

5 • The Toy Factory Shop

Active Fun Toys

Some fun, more physically active games we have are our awesome Skittles and Stilts. Our Skittles are the perfect garden ten pin bowling game. Perfect for all ages, big and small, so the entire family can join! These fun Stilts develop gross motor skills, inner core strength and balance. Stick tape down in the kitchen or use chalk in the driveway to make all sorts of obstacles and patterns to follow – loads of fun!

6 • The Toy Factory Shop

All our new toys develop all sorts of skills, are loads of fun and creative for your little ones. Be sure to have a look at all the other beautiful products we have available at The Toy Factory Shop or read at one of our previous blogs!

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