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Bathtime Fun Toys

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“Splish splash, I was taking a bath!”. We all know just how fun bathing can be – all the toys, bubbles and water to play with. Even though bathtime for the parents is about scrubbing the little rascals clean, our bathtime toys are sure to make it a joy for them too. 

Bath toys can also be great learning environments too, helping to develop cognitive and physical skills while playing and exploring. These are some of our favourite Toy Factory Shop bathtime fun toys to play with – we know you’ll love them too!

Bathtime Fun Toys

Sea Creature Sweetness

Did you know that the sea has 1.35 billion trillion litres of water? That shore is a lot! Out of all that water, there are hundreds, thousands, if not millions, of organisms, creatures and wildlife living in our oceans. 

Learn about some of the creatures of our seas during bathtime with our Sea Animals or Sharks which come with an assortment of animals or sharks.

Our Baby Bath Net Set. The net set comes with an adorable net for catching your sea creatures and four of the cutest animal toys too!

One of our favourite sea creatures has to be a dolphin! Dolphins are amazing – they’re mammals (just like us humans) and are extremely intelligent. Dolphins also have the longest social memory out of any non-human species – meaning they can remember their other dolphin friends from their special calls even 20 years after last seeing each other! 

Take a look at our sweet Dolphin Swimming Wind-Up toys and teach your little ones all about this fascinating animal.

Bathtime Toys

Jungle Bathtime Toys

Make a little magic and learn about what’s in the wild with these awesome Bath Grow Capsules which come in an assortment of types from farm animals, to unicorns, dinosaurs and wild animals too. Drop them in the bath with you or in a glass of water and see how they grow!

Blow some bubbles with the Jungle Beat Foam Baths which have been specially formulated for kids. They’re super mild and gentle on young skin, paraben-free and infused with delicious, non-allergic fragrance extract. They smell almost good enough to eat (but definitely DON’T!).

Little Live Pets -Lil’ Dippers love to swim about and show off their beautiful fins! Dip the bag that holds them into the water, watch as the bag fills, and the water activates these beautiful toy fish. See how they come to life, swimming about and showing off their elegant little fins! 

Lil’ Dippers have the most incredible life-like movements as they swim about, swishing their colourful tail and fins, full of personality and sass. A magical feeding bottle comes with each Lil’ Dipper, so you can interact with your fish and watch as they swim towards it to feed. With 3 different Lil’ Dippers to collect, each one is beautifully themed to show their personalities! 

Bathtime Toys

For The Little Musician

Music for children is undeniably beneficial not only to speech and sound skills but to developing important social-emotional, intellectual and self-expression skills. Music is a fun activity for all those to listen to the rhythms, feel the beats and sing along to the words. Include some musical fun during bathtime with our super cute Toby Tower Splash & Learn Water Xylophones.

This pretty Xylophone is multi-coloured and floats on the water making it super easy to play with. Follow the colour-coded music sheets to play some super cool tunes. Wet the music sheets and stick them to the sides of the bath.  Now you are ready to play!

Bathtime Toys

Bathtime can be super fun even though it’s a cleansing mission for parents – our bathtime fun toys will make the experience an adventure-filled one!

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