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4 ways building blocks kickstart fun with foundational development

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Looking back to early childhood, we all had our savoured playthings. Teddy bears gave comfort, outdoor playsets sparked adventure and colouring activities celebrated our inner artists. One of the most dynamic toys declared by early childhood specialists – the humble building blocks. 

Read on to explore why these toys are development essentials and discover fun sets you can bring home.

Taking stock of building blocks

These toys are not just for mere entertainment. Instead, they serve as a means for exploring, discovering, and creating a foundation for lifelong skill sets. These kits provide such a wide array of rewards and entertainment for a child over the years, that even as adults they can’t put their collector’s kits down. Toys are an important part of fulfilling child development within sensory, physical and educational means. Of the many great activities we provide at Toy Factory Shop, building blocks are at the top of the pedestal (no pun intended).

Four main aspects of building block toys

Building block games and activities enrich the head, hands and heart in four main ways:

building blocks
  1. Mental development
  • Problem-solving 

When a child sets out to build something, they are considering what resources to use and how to use them. 

  • Mathematics

Cue a practical and kinesthetic means of learning maths. Kiddies grasp tangible lessons with measurement, estimation, symmetry, comparison and more.

  • Speech and language

Once the mini-makers have built their creation, they’ll want to share and tell their stories about their constructions. This is great for oral skills and self-expression.

  • Engineering and science

Did a construction fall apart? Kids at play will test their trouble-shooting skills by engaging with functionality, gravity, instruction and innovation.

  1. Physical finesse
  • Fine motor skills

Tiny tots will start with bigger, age-appropriate blocks. As they mature, play sets become more precise, which helps them tune their fine motor skills with their power grip transitioning into the precision grip.

  1. Emotional growth
  • Self-esteem

Give the little ones various building block sizes and watch how they execute their ideas. Hours of creating and recreating allow them to grow from past innovations and visions.

  • Social and emotional

Another great thing about building blocks, kiddies can share in the fun with playmates. Think of it as early team building through taking turns, assigning roles and encouraging cooperation to co-create a project.

  1. Character enhancing
  • Self-expression

Through play, children can explore, express and elaborate on their activities in multiple languages. This is a great tool for practising additional conversational skills, something used by teachers and therapists alike.

  • Imagination

Creation starts with imaging, and building blocks enable this key element of young minds. 

building blocks

Fun building block sets to explore

Toy Factory Shop offers entertaining sets with colourful themes to spark hours of hands-on busyness. Please note, the following play sets are recommended for children ages six and up.

Pleasant 2-in-1 Building Blocks

Playmakers enjoy creating pastel scenes with female figurines in various settings including water sports, gardens, gyms, offices and more. Kiddies create and construct sets with 12 different scene kits. Combine them to craft their Dream Castle or a whole sunshine garden. 

Police Blocks Assorted

Lovers of law, order and action will adore this set. Each kit creates a figurine vehicle conquering the land, air and water. Assemble them all together and construct a big transformer-like character ready to keep the baddies at bay.

Construction Block Assorted

The world of Truck Workers will delight budding builders and mini mechanics in the making. This series includes eight models including cement trucks, ploughs, rollers and more. Collect the whole series and combine them into a mega-build character.

Build up, play on

May the world of play be the jumpstart to your little one’s growth. Shop all our building blocks to begin the fun for years to come.

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