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Harry Potter Magical Minis Assorted

Collect all the Magical Mini Playsets (sold seperately).  The Magical Minis Charms Classroom is the perfect kids toy to inspire your imagination through fun and exciting pretend play.

Join Hermione while pretending to practice and perfect spells in the Wizarding World Magical Minis Charms Classroom! Featuring an exclusive 3-inch Hermione Granger doll and three themed accessories.Pose Hermione and move her arm to use her wand, then make the feather float by moving Hermione over the activation spot.

Pretend to practice your potion-making with Harry Potter in the Wizarding World Magical Minis Potions Classroom! Featuring an exclusive 3-inch Harry Potter figure and three themed accessories.  With his copy of the Half-Blood Prince’s Advanced Potion-Making textbook, Harry can brew up potions including the lucky Felix Felicis inside the simmering cauldron.

Imagine caring for creatures from the Wizarding World with Luna Lovegood and the Magical Minis Care of Magical Creatures Playset! Featuring an exclusive 3-inch Luna Lovegood doll and three themed accessories including a flying baby Thestral. Attach the baby Thestral to the tree trunk and fly it all the way around the tree! Then grab the hanging bucket from its hook and feed the Thestral the included apples – Luna can even hold an apple in her hand.


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Packaging Size:  23 x 22 x 13cm

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Harry potter magical minis

Care of Magical Creatures, Charms Classroom, Potions Classroom


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