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Pegboard & Peg Set

Did you know the benefits of giving your Pre-Schooler a Pegboard Set?

Pegboards are used by copying the different colours and patterns off the Pegboard Cards.  The improves fine motor skills; early math skills; concentration and memory.

For Pre-Schoolers trying to grasp the little pegs, and successfully place it in the small hole of the board, is by no means an easy task.  Teach them patience and perseverance and help their hand-eye coordination too.

Pre-Schoolers will also learn other basic math functions such as counting how many pegs are on the board. This builds a foundation for future math skills that will be learned later in life.

Download some Pegboard Cards here, and get them printed out in colour.



Out of stock


Packaging Size:  32 x 21 x 3cm

Pegboard (x2) Size:  19 x 16 x 1.5cm

Includes: 2 Pegboards & 200 Pegs

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